Giallo in five cities of Argentina

The book Giallo: Crime, sexuality and style in the Italian genre cinema was presented in several cities of Argentina along 2019.

    The book edited by Natalio Pagés, Álvaro Bretal and Carlos Pagés was presented in events, meetings and festivals, among them;

  • Mar del Plata, November 2019. In the context of the Mar del Plata IFF 2019,
  • Córdoba. September 2019. Auditorio del Cineclub Municipal Hugo del Carril (City of Córdoba). In the context of Córdoba’s Literature Exhibition. Presenter: Martín Emilio Campos.
  • La Plata. September 2019. EcoSelect theatre, in the context of FestiFreak Festival. Guests: José Luis Visconti and Román Ganuza.
  • City of Buenos Aires. May 2019. ENERC film school. Guests: Nuria Silva, Christian Javier Aguirre and Darío Lavia.
  • Panama. April 2019. In the context of Blood Window Festival. Presented by programmer Pablo Conde.